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The Art of Valuing

The skill & experience in valuing property.
As we enter the latter part of the year, stock levels may remain low and the market remain subdued but at DAA Residential we have witnessed a noticeable increase in the number of enquiries from landlords regarding the current value of their investments.
More often than not, landlords may have had these investment properties in their portfolio for up to 20 years and they are now starting to plan their exit strategy as part of retirement planning or because they feel that future capital gains are unlikely to be as buoyant as during recent years.
At the same time, the sales market appears awash with on-line estate agents & call-centre based valuers offering tantalizingly cheap valuations, mainly using comparative pricing websites and portals or simply offering to sell your home on-line at very low fixed fees.
In truth, to realistically value any property on-line by simply leveraging off publicly available and often delayed data of sales done in the local area ignores a number of critical elements. First of all no two properties are alike. In addition, a professional valuation should incorporate local knowledge of specific developments as well as an understanding of bespoke local market conditions as built up by DAA Residential in over more than 25 years in Wapping and the Docklands.
A customer-focussed valuation and sales service including after-care liaising with buyers and sellers as well as solicitors simply cannot be offered by online portals and whilst there are many websites offering to provide a quick sales appraisal, only the skilled and experienced valuer can be found on the High Street. After all, buying or selling a property is often one of the largest financial transactions done in a lifetime and you cannot afford to get anything other than a professional valuation.