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Tenants End of Tenancy Responsibilities

It has become more evident in recent years that the majority of tenants are unaware of what their responsibilities are at the end of the tenancy.

Almost every Property Manager working in the industry will have similar experiences with the formalities of the return of a tenant’s deposit. Sometimes, they encounter unhappy tenants in the process as the tenant feels that they have been dealt with unfairly when they are faced with deductions from their deposit. Often, this is due to the tenants being unfamiliar with clauses within their agreement making them liable for the costs of the independent check-out report, end of tenancy cleaning and any damage they caused.

Our Property Management team want to ensure that our tenants are best prepared for the day they leave and based on recent feedback we have put together a simple end of tenancy letter which is emailed to each tenant as soon as they provide their notice. This then gives the tenant a more detailed guideline of what they should expect at the end of the tenancy and what their responsibilities are.

Moving is a busy and stressful time for most people and it is advisable for tenants to read their Tenancy Agreement and Inventory check-in report before they leave. If you can’t find it, ask and we’ll email it to you again. By reading the documentation, the tenant can remind themselves of their obligations and if they want any advice or they have any questions, we will be happy to help.

Our best advice is to have the property professionally cleaned by a company specialising in end of tenancy cleaning before you leave, take all your personal belongings with you, don’t leave behind any furniture or items that you may not want or need and ensure all the Landlord’s furniture is in the location that it was when you moved in. It is also a good idea to replace any lightbulbs that are not working. If we have to send in a handyman to do this they will charge a call out fee on top of the cost of the lightbulbs. Any breakages or concern should be reported to us as soon as possible throughout the tenancy.

We are here to help you, but remember too that we act for the Landlord. It is our responsibility to ensure the property is returned to them in the same condition as it was at the start of the tenancy apart from fair wear and tear.